Who are we?

Advanced Healthcare Technology Group (AHTG) is an exclusive interRAI IT vendor. AHTG compiles interRAI with Atl@nte system of healthcare management.

interRAI is a suite of healthcare instruments developed over the past 17 years by hundreds of collaborating scientists and healthcare specialist in 30 universities worldwide, and is applied successfully in USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel and yet a growing number of countries are joining, as it is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborative. It is constantly updated and improved as more data and experience accumulate.

AHTG is presenting a highly sophisticated IT instrument which combines interRAI with the Atl@nte system of healthcare management, as used in Western Europe with great success. This instrument has been in development for PR China in the past five years, including the translations to Chinese language by Chinese medical experts, and is ready for implementation. It is a suite which covers all aspects of healthcare systems ranging from Home care, Community Healthcare, Long Term care Facilities and Nursing Homes, to Acute and Post Acute Care and Mental Care. All that makes it an extremely comprehensive standardized care system: from social worker to doctor and nurse, up to administration, management and government. This system provides Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs), Quality Indicators (QI) and Resource Utilization Groups (RUGs) all in real time. It provides clinical, management and governance tools which promote high quality yet efficiently managed healthcare.

AHTG has been selected by interRAI to be the exclusive IT vendor of its healthcare instruments in PR China, including all related aspects such as professional training, certification and publishing. AHTG collaborates with Tsinghua University for academic supervision and research, development of training programs and professional certification.